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Tips & Tricks

Blacktown’s Granny Flat Approval Process

Whether you are looking to use spare space to create a home for elderly relatives, a place for teenagers to gain a little independence, or even as an investment property to rent out, building a granny flat takes a little planning.

Officially known as secondary dwellings, granny flats have certain stipulations in their designs, and several legal requirements when building. We understand that this can be one of the most difficult processes and often is a deterrent to many people considering a granny flat as they put it in the ‘too hard basket’. But don’t fear, this is what we do. We look after the entire granny flat process. From design, approval to construction, our dedicated team will guide you through the experience, step by step.

While legislation regarding second dwellings has been relaxed over recent years, this does not mean that you can simply start building one on your land. In fact, in Blacktown you will need approval to construct a granny flat. To begin with, consulting a granny flat specialist for advice makes the whole process much smoother. We produce the design that fits your space and the kind of use you need it for, along with a good idea of the cost involved. With that design completed, you can look at the legal process for getting approval.

Typically, we get approval for our granny flats with a Complying Development Certificate. This is a much faster and simpler solution. In order to achieve a CDC the granny flat needs to adhere to the following regulations;
– Established in conjunction with a main dwelling. Ie, there needs to be an existing house on the land.
– On the same lot of land as the principal dwelling
– May be within, attached to, or separate from the principal dwelling.

The first step for anyone thinking about a granny flat is to apply for a Section 149 Zoning Certificate from Blacktown City Council. This will ascertain is any planning or development restrictions apply to your land. Don’t worry, we do this for you!

Once the legal permissions for construction are acquired, building can commence, and you are one step closer to moving into or renting out your granny flat. It’s as easy as that!