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Blacktown granny flats, are the returns worth it?

A granny flat opens the opportunity to appeal to the market who aren’t looking for a high maintenance rental property, and trust us, there is a huge market for cost effective housing. However, if you are planning on building a granny flat to rent out, the important question is whether you can make money from it.

Blacktown's Granny Flat Approval Process

Officially known as secondary dwellings, granny flats have certain stipulations in their designs, and several legal requirements when building. We understand that this can be one of the most difficult processes and often is a deterrent to many people considering a granny flat as they put it in the ‘too hard basket’. But don’t fear, this is what we do. We look after the entire granny flat process. From design, approval to construction, our dedicated team will guide you through the experience, step by step.

The 10 Most Important Questions To Ask If You’re Considering A Granny Flat

They are the fundamental questions that every client asks. They are the questions you NEED to know before embarking on your own granny flat build.

The Big Six Benefits Of Building A Granny Flat

When it comes to building a new home, there are many things to consider such as the design, number of rooms, special space for entertainment, and a host of others. One thing you might not have considered is adding a granny flat for additional space and rental purpose. First, what is a granny flat?

Making Granny Flats Easy!

Building a Granny Flat in your backyard is the obvious choice in today’s market. Whether you are building to earn a little extra spending money, help with mortgage repayments or simply building to keep you family close by, a granny flat is your solution.